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green beans
Galapagos Coffee an Arabiga Old bourbon Coffee, 100% both oganic, high shade grown, ecological, cultivated within the volcanic mountains of the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador whee the trees receive a perfect balance of sunlight, rain and the appropiate altitude which provides its exceptional characteristics of flavor and aroma.

The “Galapagos Coffee” is carefully hand picked and only the freshest ripe cherries are processed in our ecological wet plant (San Cristobal Island), using the unique spring water of the island. Cherries pass then to our ecological peeler where our highly environmentally oriented personnel choose only the best cherries to be processed and recycle the remains by decomposing and reintroducing them to the plantations as a natural fertilizer.

Washed coffee beans are naturally dried by soft sun light ( a pleasant attraction to the visitors of the islands), and pass a strict quality control to guarantee a gourmet coffee preparation. Dried beans maintain a skin film known as “parchment” which preserve the optimal conservation until ready to be shipped to the roasters.

The Galapagos Coffee ripens under the shade of other trees (avocados, guavas, and oranges). This creates an atmosphere propitious for its development, and the organic waste matter of those trees enriches the soil. The coffee plants bloom twice a year, during February-March and November-December, thanks to the rainy seasons and the microclimates of the San Cristóbal mountains.

During harvesting or gathering, the ripened beans, called “cherries” due to their red coloring, are hand-picked and then transported to wet beneficios, establishments where the bean is separated from the pulp and the husk.
Procafé optimizes the use of water and energy through wastewater treatment and the application of organic by-products of coffee. The company is a pioneer in converting the traditional wet beneficios into ecological wet beneficios. It thereby fulfills a dual purpose: helping to preserve the environment of the islands, and not deteriorating the intrinsic qualities of the coffee. Later on, the beans go through a fermentation, washing, and drying process before being shipped, still green, to Guayaquil, to complete the exportation process.

roasted beans

photo1Each lot is strictly controlled by expert coffee tasters in order to maintain a perfect balance in its organoleptic characteristics.

Roasting achieves the aroma of this coffee, available in 3 sizes touristic presentations, ideal ti give as a present!!:

- 350 grs. Wood box: a beatifull craftsmanship handmade
- 350 grs. Linen Bag handmade
- 454 grs. bag Galapagos Blend
- 1000 grs. bag Gourmet GALAPAGOS COFFEE®

Flavor: Rich with sweet acidity
Body: Medium
Acidity: Fine - Medium
Aroma: Intense
This is a delightfully fragrant coffee... its aromas are all sweetness and caramel. In the cup it's mildly bright with bits of lemony citrus acidity.
Its flavors are fairly lush and layered and offer notes of tobacco and leather. All in all nicely balanced, perhaps a little soft and slightly puckish in its finish. Coffee with an intriguing finish.