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organic certified

OCIA International
Organic Crop Improvement Association

Galapagos Coffee and Finca El Cafetal is periodically supervised by O.C.I.A. to assure the organic production most strict standards be applied.

Organic & shade grown certified since 1995

foanOCIA International Certification / Verification Programs
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)

The OCIA International Standards are established by OCIA Members and accredited by IFOAM. Certification to these standards allows for the OCIA seal to be used. Certifying to these standards products to be imported into many countries that do not have established organic certification programs. While many European countries accept IFOAM-accredited certified product for import, several European Union member nations are now requiring EU 2092/91 verification for import.

United States National Organic Program (NOP)

The NOP is the law that allows for products to be sold as organic in the United States. OCIA is accredited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for this program.

European Union 2092/91 organic regulation

This is the regulation that covers what organic production is for member states of the European Union. The EU 2092/91 is the equivalent in the European Union of what the NOP is in the US.